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Membership – FAQ

Important changes have been made in all areas of the sports centre and thus we encourage all our members to read the information below to ensure you can enjoy the activities you love in a safe and secure environment.



We are happy to announce that we have been working hard to ensure our centre is a safe space for all our members, staff, instructors and guests. With increased sanitising stations,  one way systems, safe sports spaces and key signage we have created a secure and safe environment in which we can again do what we love! Play sports, workout and take part in classes and clubs.

As we build back up to a full capacity we ask all our members and guests to follow guidance around the centre as well as those from the government and any sporting bodies related to the activities you may be undertaking here at Beacon Sport & Fitness.

We look forward to welcoming you all back and cannot wait to get back into action.


Sports Bookings

Our Sports Hall is now open for booking – for safety reasons our Sports Hall can currently only be booked for Badminton usage (under Badminton England guidlines). We will update all our members as this usage changes with government and sporting body guidance. You can call us on 01785 550123 to book a space.

Our Astro Turf pitch is now open for bookings. We ask all sports bookings to follow FA and sporting body guidelines when using this space alongside our own centre guidelines for best practice. You can call us on 01785 550123 to book a space.


Gym Usage

Our gym has been re-purposed with equipment ergonomically laid out to allow a safe and secure workout environment. More cleaning and hand gel stations have been added alongside regular  deep cleans of equipment and gym areas. We as a centre are doing all we can to ensure a safe environment and ask for your support by cleaning equipment before and after usage. Our changing rooms will be open for those needing them for toilets and necessity but encourage all members to arrive and leave in their gym kit (showering at home) as best practice.

For the first week back we will be trialling a ‘Gym Usage’ booking system during peak hours. For anyone wanting to use the gym during peak hours through the week – please be aware you will need to book usage of the gym in advance via the MemberMe+ App. Anyone arriving during a peak time without booking will be turned away. (Peak Times Mon – Fri, 5pm – 8pm / Sat – Sun, 8am – 12pm).


Group Exercise Classes

We now have a ‘Covid Secure’ Group Exercise timetable. Our group classes have been designed to allow our members to work out in a safe space.

You can book and cancel classes via our MemberMe+ App. If a class is full you can join the waiting list and receive a prompt email if you get a space.

Please ensure to cancel a class you can no longer attend so someone else can enjoy a workout. We will continue implementing our ‘No Show’ procedures for any members booking and not turning up to class – with a short term ban for any repeat offenders.


Direct Debit Members

There will be no Membership Direct Debit payments taken until 1st September 2020.


MemberMe+ App

If you do not have access to the MemberMe+ App it can be downloaded here:

Apple –

Android –

Please email us at if you require your set up email to be resent for the app to allow bookings.


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